Sea of Orange project

Sea of Orange is an architectural and artistic project implemented by the Waterfront project team together with partners from the Dutch architectural bureau Observatorium (Rotterdam). The project, aimed at integrating public art into public spaces, is based on the ideas of co-design and placemaking, so its main feature is cooperation with local residents, their involvement in the process of planning and creating an art object.

The Sea of Orange project was launched in December 2019. The main place of its action is the so-called Amber beach in the North-East of the city of Lomonosov. This is where the first meeting of the participants took place. The Waterfront project team architects from the bureau Observatorium and residents of the city, all together during the three-day workshop we explored the coastline of Lomonosov, discussed the history of the beach and possible options for its further development. Each of the participants created their own "map of ideas" and presented their own vision of how the beach area might look in the future.

On May, 22, an open online presentation of the project was held. Project producer Albina Motor and the Observatorium architects Lieven Poutsma and Ruud Reutelingsperger presented the concept of the art object to be installed on the beach. The sketches of the object are based on the results of the winter workshop. After the presentation, the project was discussed with the residents of Lomonosov and other participants of the online conference, the record of which we publish below.

You can also find other accompanying materials below.

The Sea of Orange and it’s many stories and uses.

The Sea of Orange project is supported by the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Saint Petersburg and the Nordic Council of Ministers. The project should be resulted in the creation of a large-scale public art object on the coast of the Gulf of Finland in Lomonosov (St. Petersburg).

The project is financially supported by Creative Industries Fund NL.