Project "Friends of Karpovka"

An initiative group of local residents and urban experts, aimed at developing the public space around the Karpovka River.

Since 2017, a group of activists has been working on the concept of transforming the Karpovka River. It is important for the team to design not only an aesthetically attractive embankment, but also a space capable of accommodating and supporting important functions for residents and visitors. The group is constantly in dialogue with the city and is trying to involve everyone, even the youngest residents, in shaping the look of modern St. Petersburg.

"We believe that citizens should have the opportunity to spend time comfortably and interestingly on the embankments: have picnics by the water, sunbathe, go for an evening jogging, go kayaking, walk with the family along the promenade and at the same time do not shout the noise of passing cars."