BorscheWeek Project

«Urban Room» design studio in cooperation with "Kvadrat" youth center voluntarily engaged in the environmental problem of borschivka spread in the urban coastal areas.

"St. Petersburg youth went to the fight against hogweed"

Under this heading came out. the first news about the work of a group of volunteers of the youth center "Square", who voluntarily fought with a dangerous predator from the plant world, In recent years, the problem of the infestation of hogweed in the urban areas has become increasingly acute. The plant - dangerous for both humans and animals, which is the strongest contact and respiratory allergen, causing severe burns - has now reached the Krasnogvardeisky district. For the first time group of activists encountered him during the construction of a new public space in the open on the banks of the river Okhta. With the help of qualified specialists, it was possible to stop the invader and eliminate the disaster. However, the hogweed is very clingy and easily returns to the already inhabited places. The team of the “Kvadrat” youth center and the urban design studio “Urban Room” decided to continue their crusade and organized an independent initiative project BorscheWeek