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Our focus is on the use of city embankments and the transformation of coastal areas into comfortable and modern public spaces.


Coastal areas of the city are the public wealth. Usually they are managed and supported by local authorities without the participation of local residents. One of the goals of the project is to involve local communities into the process of embankments improvement (refinement, development).

We want to involve in the project a community of urbanists, ecologists, designers, artists, city activists that we can rely on. Surely, our project cannot instantly solve the urgent St. Petersburg urban planning tasks, but it can create a capacious visual image that can describe the problem and suggest ways to solve it.

Interdisciplinary teams, formed as a result of an open call, had the opportunity to create several models/concepts for the development of coastal spaces and test them in reality. A team of experts helps them with their ideas. Follow us in social networks, there we publish reports from project sessions and remind about open meetings where we invite everyone who is interested in the subject of the project. We are preparing a lot of interesting things.



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Portfolio should be uploaded to any cloud storage, and the link to the storage is indicated in the application form for an open call. The portfolio itself is provided in free form, it can be both a description of the projects in that you participated and your role in them in the word file format, as well as colourful presentations about your creative ideas.

No, ready projects are not accepted for the Open call, as this is contrary to the goal of "Waterfront: neighbors & community" about creating new projects and implementing their prototypes in the coastal areas of St. Petersburg.

At the design stage, the work takes several hours a week in the remote collaboration mode, it depends on how the work and communication in your team is organized. Once a month there will be the whole day project sessions (most likely, they will be one of the weekends). During the active phase (project implementation) it will be necessary to work deeply within a couple of weeks (flexible schedule, agreed with all participants).

One of the main principles of the project is to work in interdisciplinary teams, which contributes to a versatile analysis of the case and more efficient work on it. In this regard, we choose this approach and will work in teams.

No, unfortunately, participation in the project implies close work in teams, meetings with experts, as well as direct study of the terrain at all stages of project development. The geography of the project participants is St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

There are no limits on gender and age. Also at the first stage of selection, we consider any professions and areas of activity, we are interested in different professional skills for the formation of interdisciplinary teams.

Project members will not receive a salary; it is a research and education process, but the project budget assumes the implementation of projects (in the prototype format) developed by teams and with their active participation. The organizers provide the conditions for working on the project, such as regular sessions, the ability to involve experts and facilitators.

Teams formation will take place during the discussions and meetings on the principle of mutual interests and role in the project.

Waterfront is financed from a grant from the Nordic Council of Ministers, under which the projects of the teams accepted for the work will be supported after a detailed argument and protection of budget expenditures.

It is assumed that the locations will be fixed, but flexibility is one of the basic principles of the project, so different options are possible, there is a place for experiments, please, indicate your wishes and comments when submitting the application.

The project designed specifically for a specific location (the location will be chosen by the organizers) on one of the coastal spaces of St. Petersburg is expected result of team work. This project can be both an architectural-planning proposal, and an art object and/or event program. The main goal is to attract public attention to the development of a specific location as a modern public space, and to involve local residents in the development of this place. Under the terms of the project, the organizers allocate resources for the implementation of the pilot version (model, prototype, in accordance with the brief).

Brief will be issued to participants who are in longlist. It will include the technical parameters of the location for work, the conditions of implementation, resource capabilities and limitations.

The size of locations will be relatively small (certain areas of embankments in different areas of the city, one per team), the main goal is to simulate situations, search for solutions and further scaling.

Your motivation is the most important for us. We need portfolio only to understand what you can do: design, explore, draw, build, organize parties, cooking, embroider, fly kites - what is your professional competence and education?



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