Pubic presentation of the third stage of the Waterfront project: Waterfront: networks&tools
The first meeting within the third stage of the Waterfront: networks&tools project was held on February 15 at the Mayakovsky library. Our producers Albina Motor and Andrey Anisimov told about the history and principles of the project, about the results of the work we have done as well as about our plans for the upcoming year. Together with the participants of the meeting, the project team reflected on what modern public space is and what its components are.
The main goal of the third stage is to make the project more public, turning it into an open platform for discussions between different actors of the city: representatives of local authorities, the professional community of urban planners, architects and urbanists, the artistic community, businessmen and citizens. So, in 2020, the project will hold regular meetings ( in the format of lectures, open discussions and master classes), the purpose of which is to establish a dialogue between residents of the city and thereby contribute to the formation of a comfortable and modern urban environment that is open to all.

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