«Sea of Orange»
Launch of the Sea of Orange project in Lomonosov: a joint workshop of Waterfront project and the architectural studio Observatorium. 2019
In December 2019, the Waterfront project team together with our Dutch partners from the architectural studio Observatorium (Rotterdam) launched a new project called Sea of Orange. This is both an architectural and artistic project that integrates public art and placemaking into public spaces. Its main feature is cooperation with local residents.
The Sea of Orange project was set up on the Amber beach in the North-East of Lomonosov city. It was here that the first meeting of the project participants took place. During the three-day workshop, local residents and project team explored the coastline of Lomonosov, discussed the history of the beach and possible options for its development. Our joint work will be resulted in the creation of a large-scale site-specific public art object.

Sea of Orange is organised by Waterfront project together with the Dutch architectural bureau Observatorium with the support of Creative Industries Fund NL.

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