Online meeting "Waterfront: We Need a Plan"
On April 22, an online meeting "Waterfront: We Need a Plan" was held

The main purpose of the meeting was to introduce active participants in the development of urban coastal territories to each other, discuss problems, concerns and requests related to the use of embankments and water space. We also discussed the possible formats of joint work of activists with each other, with representatives of government, business and the professional community.
17 speakers — representatives of government authorities, public initiatives and business — spoke about plans and projects to transform territories by the water side. Participants of the meeting voiced problems concerning the current state of embankments.

The content of the meeting was devoted to the following topics:

  • Ecology and pollution of coastal territories
  • Access to water, comfortable and safe use of coastal territories
  • Poor quality of current improvement projects and the lack of adequate technical expertise in the field
  • Communication issues between government representatives, businesses and local residents
  • Legislation and its complexities
  • Lack of a unified urban development strategy for embankments and water bodies
During the meeting, the participants considered options for solutions to the current situation, so they agreed on the need to create a dialogue between different actors of the urban environment. This will facilitate the cooperation of existing initiatives and development projects, as well as ensure the involvement of city residents in the project planning agenda.
That is why the Waterfront project seeks to organize an open discussion platform for lectures and workshops with the participation of Russian and international experts in the field of urbanism. We plan to make sessions focused on issues of a more narrow and special nature, for example, to highlight the legislation and legal aspects of working with the urban environment, different ways of coastal protection, etc.
We also keep working with artists and various artistic initiatives — art does not solve the problems that have been voiced, but allows us to look at them from an unusual angle, so that may lead us to new ideas and solutions.

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