Cities by the Water Forum
In October 2018, the second phase of the Waterfront / Waterline project began. It started with the Cities by the Water Forum, held on October 5-6 in the framework of the festival Nordic Week in St. Petersburg and organized by the Street Art Research Institute, the Danish Cultural Institute and the Consulate General of Sweden.

The various sections of the forum were attended by representatives of the administrations both of the cities of the Nordic countries and St. Petersburg, architects, developers and everyone not indifferent to the harmonious development of the urban environment.

The organizers of the forum focused on the problem common both to urbanists from Russia and the Nordic countries: how to create modern and full-fledged public spaces in the coastal areas of the cities; what should be done to make people feel cozy, comfortable and safe in these places; how to make them "that" places of leisure and meeting for different people from among local residents and tourists; how to achieve synergy "administration — citizen — business”?

Another topic of the forum — the experience of preserving wooden monuments — was discussed at the section devoted to wooden architecture in the modern urban environment, which was organized in cooperation with the Administration of St. Petersburg and the Association Northern wooden city.

The program of the two-day forum consisted of a professional section (conferences, workshops) and a section for the wider audience (lectures, presentations, workshops and performances). This made possible for everyone interested in the development of the city to participate in the forum.

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