Waterfront / Waterline Project and V Forum of Spatial Development. 2019
On April 17 and 18, 2019, the Waterfront / Waterline project participated in the V International Forum of Spatial Development, which was held as part of the Week of Urban Change in St. Petersburg at the ARTPLAY venue.

On 17 April, we have had two debates — The living city: from the atmosphere to sustainable solutions and Economy of culture: recipes of urban happiness — in which participated the project partners from the Netherlands: Jeroen Everard and Melanie Post van Ophem. During the sessions, experts and citizens talked about the secrets of the ideal city, tried to answer the question of how to reduce stress in the urban environment, discussed the role of holidays and cultural events in the process of creating a comfortable and safe urban environment open to all.

On April 18, the workshop Citizens as co-authors of public spaces was held. It consisted of two parts.
The first part consisted of a lecture How art can change the reputation of a region and public-talk with Erun Eiverart, who spoke about how art can affect the reputation of the region.

The second part of the workshop was held in the format of a role-playing game, in which participants were involved together with the participants of the Waterfront / Waterline project. The participants of the session had to choose a role ("administration", “a tourist", “an activist", “a builder", “a grandmother at the entrance", “a parent on a walk with a child", etc.), from the position of which they participated in the further discussion.

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